Tamer Mickel
Tamer MickelSalon Owner/Stylist


Tamer is an incredible stylist. His family has been in the salon industry in the Middle East for over 50 years. Both his parents were stylists in Ramallah, Palestine. Tamer literally grew up in a hair salon. Tamer studied cosmetology in Tel Aviv and when he moved to the United States he got his California cosmetology license right away. After working in the Peninsula for over 10 years he then opened his own salon in Burlingame in 2011.

Tamer is known to tame the wildest of hair. Through artistic cut, color, and styling he creates a transformation for his clients that lightens their step out the door. You will love his energy.

You will love his style. You will LOVE your hair! Enjoy your visit to Tamer Mickel Salon!

Tamer’s Services

Haircut (with styling)…$100+

Tapered Haircut (no blow-dry)…$60+


Color Only…$90+


Color & Blow-dry…$140+

Color & Haircut  $190+

Extra Color $15+

Partial Highlight…$140+

Partial Highlight & Color…$280+

Partial Highlight, Color & Haircut…$340+

Partial Highlight & Haircut…$240+

Full Highlight…$200+

Full Highlight & Haircut…$300+


Keratin Treatment/Brazilian/Cezzane…$350+

Keratin Express Treatment…$200+

Note: Cash and Checks are preferred methods of payment for services.  Please give at least a 48-hour notice of any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments to avoid paying the fees of the service scheduled.

To book an appointment with Tamer today, please call or text him directly at 650-271-2134 or he can be reached at the front desk 650-242-1040